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I can't open the lid of the ALLDOCK
The ALLDOCK doesn't charge anymore
Device can't be charged with thick protective covers
Wireless charging does not work

General questions

How many devices can I charge with the ALLDOCK at the same time?
Is there a mount for Samsung Galaxy Watch?
Is there a mount for AirPods Pro?
Can I use the ALLDOCK without the Click-Adapter?

Exchange & Return

Can I still cancel my order after I confirmed the order?
Can I change the address of my order later?
Can I add a product to my order later or have it changed?
When and how do I get my money back?

Order process

How can I order from you?
What do I have to keep in mind during the ordering process?
How can I view the status of my orders?
How do I cancel my order?


Which payment methods are possible at ALLDOCK?
Are my payments and other transactions with ALLDOCK secure?
How do I redeem my discount code?
What rules do I have to follow for discount coupons?


What happens after my order?
How will my package be shipped?
Where is my order/package?
My order has not arrived yet. What to do?


How can I tell you about problems on the site?
I would like to work with ALLDOCK - who do I contact?
Can I also see the ALLDOCK products live?
How do I get a copy of the invoice for my order?