Wireless charging does not work

First of all you have to check the following:

  1. Check if the blue control lamp glows continuously
  2. Open the lid of the ALLDOCK and check if all cables are plugged in correctly, especially the cable of the wireless charging pad.
  3. Check if the wireless charging pad is mounted correctly into the lid of the ALLDOCK.

After this, please close the lid and put your device onto the ALLDOCK. Try to find the right charging spot with slight and slow moves.

If this doesn’t help, please try the charging without any smatphone case or bumper.

Checking a defect of the wireless charging pad

If the above procedure doesn’t help, please take the Wireless Charger Pad out of the Alldock and place your mobile phone directly on it.

The Charger Pad can be released from the clip connection after lifting the Alldock lid. And try to change the connection to a different port of the charger. If the charging of the mobile phone does not start, we assume that the charger is defective. Please contact our Customer Care team here.